At Serviceform we use the following cookies to ensure the best experience for all our clients:

Cookie name


Default duration




Unique identifier of customers session.

14 days


Anonymous visitor identifier cookie. As people visit your website, they get this cookie.


To track the source website.

72 minutes


This cookie is utilized to allow the chatbot to know which domain linked you to our website.


Chatbot specific unique identifier

72 minutes


This cookie is utilized to allow you to continue your chatbot discussion when you return to the website.

Note: Serviceform can also be used completely cookie-free on request.

These cookies should be added to your existing cookies list Serviceform should be added as a third-party provider in your Privacy Policy

Here are some templates you can use:

Necessary cookies:

  • Serviceform
  • Functional cookies
  • Google Analytics

We use the necessary cookies to ensure that our website works properly. Cookies enable basic functions such as online shopping, self-service, and chat with our customer service. Our website will not function properly without these cookies, so their use cannot be denied if you wish to use our website.

Serviceform tools provide visitors to our website with a chat platform that allows visitors to chat with our customer service. The validity of the cookie is limited to 365 days

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Updated 15 Oct 2021
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