Facebook Chatbot

Build your Facebook Chatbot

Create a chatbot using the conventional method but only using Select, Text, and Statement question types.

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Make sure to add logic jumps to every option in Select question types.

Train your chatbot with success and failure questions configured.

Transfer to a Live Chat agent

To transfer to an agent, jump an option under a Select question type to Stop after. (Make sure you have not chosen multi-select or dropdown. It must be a select one configuration.)

Live chat mode will activate when clicked on the selected option and the chatbot will stop.

The chatbot will automatically resume after 1 hour.

Configure your Facebook Chatbot

  1. Go to the Chatbot "Settings" tab next to the "Build" tab.
  2. Login to your Facebook account and permit the Serviceform App to view the pages you're an admin of.
  3. Select the page you want to add the bot and click the "Enable FB Bot" button.
  4. Your Facebook bot should now be active on the selected page.

Best practices

  • Logic jumps for select question types must be added to every option. (Not for the entire question)
  • Train the chatbot for opening keywords such as hi, hey, and hello.
  • Train the chatbot for keywords in all the options in a select question type.
  • Select question type - Option limitations are as follows:
  1. Options with redirect URLs - Only up to 3 options with URLs.
  2. Options without redirects URLs - up to 13 options.

Updated 27 Jul 2021
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