Behaviour settings

To make changes to the behaviour of the chatbot, we currently offer three features to use.

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  • Continue session
    • Toggling this option on will allow a customer to continue the same discussion with the chatbot even if they get redirected during the flow. Turning this feature off will refresh the flow and star over from the beginning when redirecting to another page.

  • Submit incomplete
    • Toggling this option on will allow you to gather the information from a user even if they don't finish the designated flow. This only works after they have left their email or phone.

  • Thank you text
    • After the flow has come to an end, a thank you text will be shown. Change the text in the box according to your needs. Leaving this empty will result in the bot stopping at the last question in the flow. For more information on how to end a flow, see the 'Logic jumps' -section.

Updated 29 Jul 2021
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