Live chat settings

Default Team ID

To set a Default Team ID for the livechat, find the ID by accessing your Dashboard and click > Account > Team. Copy the Team ID and paste it in the box below.

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Hide textarea outside business hours

Toggling this option on will allow the users to write in a designated textfield in the chatbot inside your business hours. Outside business hours the textifeld will be hidden and users can only write when the flow asks them a question that needs input. To add, remove or change your business hours, go to the configure page in the dashboard!

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Livechat session (in days)

The livechat history will accessible to the user for the duration of set session length. Only applies for livechats. For example, earlier flows of the user won't be remembered.

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Notify from every interaction

With this option you can inform your livechat whenever a user has started interacting with the chatbot (clicked on the chatbot). This means you don't have to separately trigger the livechat on a question in your flow.

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Updated 30 Jul 2021
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