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Serviceform Live chat

Serviceform live chat has multiple functionalities that will help you communicate directly with your potential leads. As best practices, we recommend getting the lead using the chatbot flow before using the live chat, this way, in case you disconnect, you will have another way to get in touch with the customer.

Trigger your livechat

You have different options in your chatbot to Trigger your livechat

Use the Livechat teams to assign the conversations to the relevant team members.

Start a conversation

You can start a live chat by receiving one of the notifications, or start chatting directly with a user that is on your website.

To start a conversation directly from your Servicefom account, go to the "Conversations" tab inYour Dashboard

Select the conversation you want and just click on "join the conversation"

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You can select to be notified by one of these options

Desktop notifications

Subscribe/unsubscribe desktop notifications

SMS notifications

One time registred link

App notifications

You can download the app on Apple Store or Google Play

Updated 03 Apr 2022
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