Livechat teams

Livechat teams will be the base of your live chat support, let's say you have different persons on your team that are specialists about a particular topic, using the teams, you'll be able to make the support more relevant and fast for your clients. Some ideas on how you can organize and divide your live chat teams:

  • Languages: English, Spanish, French, Finnish, and so on
  • Different countries: USA, UK, Spain, Finland, and so on
  • Stores: Center store, Coast store, Mountain store, and so on
  • Products: Man clothes, Woman clothes, Accessories, and so on
  • Type of client: New client, existing client

Create different teams

To create different teams, go to Team, under the Account tab, and click on "Add team" on the top right corner of the page

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Enter the team name in the box that will pop up, then press OK

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Your new team is now created, to use it, you need to assign the different agents that you want under that team

Invite team members

To invite new team members to your live chat, first you have to go to Team, under the Account tab.

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Click in the button "Invite team member"

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A new box will display, where you can enter the Email and Full name of the new team member. After you click on "Invite user" the new user will receive an email, to confirm his details.

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Once the new team member accepts the invitation, you can assign a team, role and choose how the notifications will be sent.

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Updated 24 Nov 2021
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