Question types

Here on Serviceform we offer 8 types of questions for various uses.

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  • This question type is used for a more informative approach, allowing the chatbot to write without asking the user for any input.

Text question

  • Want some input from the customer? Ask them a question or for their contact information with this question type!

Select one

  • Sometimes there is too much to choose from. Make it easier for your customers to express themselves with multiple options through this question type!

  • Have a lot of information on your website? Use this question type to crawl your website and make it easily accessible in the chatbot. Notice however, this one requires integration to your website.


  • Want customers to schedule appointments directly through an integration to your calendar? Use this question type to make booking hassle free! This also works without an integration if, for example, a reference date is all you need to know!


  • Similar to the statement question type. Add some content with HTML to the bot using this question type.


  • Have a lot of FAQ that would be nice to display in the chatbot. This question type allows you to show the FAQ-section anywhere in your flow, not only the welcome page!

File upload

  • Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words. Allow your customers to send you images or files through the bot with this question type!

Updated 30 Jul 2021
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