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We offer the opportunity to add more content inside the chatbot through a welcome page as shown below.

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  • To show or hide the welcome page, toggle the button on or off.

  • To choose the question displayed on the welcome page, use the dropdown menu to select the correct question. Default question shown is the first one in your builder.

  • We also offer the opportunity to design your welcome page. Choosing a welcome page background color will alter the color of the background in the header section. To choose a color, simply press one of the pre-selected colors or use a hex-code for the color of your choice. In the same section, you can choose the color of your text so that it best fits the color you have chosen for the background.

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  • Maybe you would like to display an image instead of just one color?
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  • The header text and header description can be changed by adding or removing text from the boxes. These are not mandatory and can be left empty or used separately by only adding text to either the header text or the header description.

  • Enabling the use of features like FAQ's, Calendly and Site search is done by toggling them on or off. Please notice that these features require adding Frequently Answered Questions for the FAQ section, and integrations with your website or Calendly account for the Calendly and Site search. These are explained in more detail in the 'Build your chatbot' section.
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To add FAQ to your chatbot, please read this article FAQ

Updated 21 Oct 2021
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